Do you think regular storage will eventually be fast enough that you no longer will need RAM?

I think yes, Intel is working on a hybrid technology called “Intel Optane Persistent Memory”. It is a technology that is a hybrid between system memory, and flash drives, it can either be DRAM or SSD depending on how you configure the memory modules. The Intel Optane memory modules will fit in the computer DIMM slots where your standard memory goes. That said there is one advantage and one disadvantage for Intel Optane. One one side you will be able to add memory capacity several times larger than your largest DDR4 modules, Intel Optane modules can go up to 512GB, and I am sure they will have larger capacity’s as technology improves. On the flip side, even though Intel Optane is faster than your standard spin hard drives, they wont be as fast as your DDR4 memory sticks.

Author: Sam

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