Techsupport Online

     Tech Support Online is an online consultancy and software support company. We offer our services in Three separate computer sub sectors which include software online technical support, software application development in VB.NET, and system security hardening and penetration testing.

     Our online software technical support department aims to answer any questions you have about the software or the operating systems you have installed on your computer. We also offer remote assistance to troubleshot software problems on Windows platforms. The current supported operating systems are Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 – 2008, and ISA server 2006. We also offer remote server management, remote troubleshooting, and software installation for Windows and ISA Servers. We are constantly striving to expand and add more products to our supported software list. Please check our supported software page for a complete list of the software we are currently supporting.

     Other than online software support we also develop custom applications for our customers using Microsoft Visual Basic (VB.NET), MS SQL server, and MS Access. We have many years of experience in application development, programming and software consulting.

     In today’s computer world the internet is a must as a means of communications either it be e-mails, web servers, or any other form of communication that will get your message out there. Therefore security is of paramount importance especially that we have to put a lot of our servers on the front lines of the internet in order to have that message delivered to the rest of the world.  We can be of assistance in hardening those systems making them more secure, and less susceptible to malicious attacks and downtime.