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                 Software                 :-               X-Ping.CGI

                 Publisher                 :-               Bassam Issa

                 WebSite                  :-     

                 Price                         :-               Free

                 Version                    :-     

                 Platform                   :-               Windows Vista, Windows 7

                 Requirements         :-                 .NET Framework Ver 4.0





























        This utility is a replacement to the command line version of ping command that comes with  windows.  Its main feature is that it uses a graphical interface relieving the user from typing the ping command in text format in the Windows Command Prompt.  The results of the ping are displayed on the side in an easy to understand manner.  The user also has the option of saving the ping results in a text file for later inspection or in case they need to be sent via email to your tech support team for off site analyses.



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How To Use


     Once the utility is up and running enter the desired IP address you wish to ping on the top right Text Box, near the label “IP Address”.  The utility has two flavors of Ping, a Regular Ping, and a Continuous Ping.  Like the text mode ping the Regular Ping will only send 4 ICMP requests and display the results.  The Continuous Ping has an upper limit of 1,000 consecutive ICMP Pings, that number can be changed from the Tools - Options Menu either to be increased or decreased accordingly.  If you wish to stop the Continuous Ping before it finishes its run you can simply press the “Stop” button, this will halt the ping run but the program itself will not exit.  To exit the program all together simply press the “END” Button.


     Under the “File” menu you also have the option of saving the ping data in a text file just in case you need them for later analyses or comparison, or in case you need to send the data to your technical support team via E-mail.



The Results


     On the right hand side you get detailed statistical results of you ping requests.


               Maximum               :-  Is the ping with the highest round trip time

  in ms.

               Minimum                :-  Is the ping with the lowest round trip time in


               Average                   :-  Is the Average time of all the pings sent in


               Packets Sent           :-  The total number of ICMP requests sent to the

   target IP.

               Packets Received   :-  The number of successful  ping / ICMP requests.


               Packets Lost           :-  The number of pings /ICMP requests that failed.


               % Loss                   :-  The pings / ICMP lost in percent format of all

the total pings sent.

               TTL                            :-  The number of hops (routers / firewalls) it

         took to reach the target.  It is preferable

         that this number stay consistent otherwise

         it means your packets are taking multiple

         routes to reach the target.





     Even though this utility is free of charge we do appreciate your donations to keep enhancing this software and keep bringing you new products.  Donations can be paid using your Bitcoin Wallet for any amount of your choice.  Bitcoin donations can be sent to the following address :-




















     X-Ping.CGI  Ver 1.0 has earned the SOFTPEDIA “100% CLEAN” AWARD.  For further information regarding the award please click on the link below.















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