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System Hardening / Penetration Testing

The internet has become a crucial part and a predominant tool in our daily life with greater daily penetration into our houses and offices. That said when we leave our homes or offices we don't leave them open, and the doors unlocked. The same applies to our servers and computer systems that we are so dependent on to deliver our e-mails, web pages, and services in a timely fashion. It is also important to keep your information either personal, or private company information like memos, credit card transactions, or proprietary company information away from prying eyes.

Our professional staff can asses your system security needs by performing low impact penetration tests on your crucial servers and systems, and tailoring an appropriate defensive strategy depending on the results found. We can also harden your critical network systems from Cisco Routers, to Windows and Linux Servers.

Our current consulting fees for system hardening and security checkups is $35 / hour plus any charges incurred for use of third party services during the consulting session.

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