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We offer our customers online technical support trying to resolve a multitude of software problems for them on the windows platform.  Direct communications with us can be established through email, MSN, ICQ, or Skype.  If deemed necessary we can connect to your computer using software like PC Anywhere or TeamViewr.


Our Pricing For Online Services

             Our services cost $25 per hour for online technical support.  Minimum charge per incident / ticket is $15 for a 30 minute support session, and will be charged on an hourly basses there after.  Customers satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, and only resolved issues and closed tickets will be billed.

             Customers can pay for our services via credit cards, after an incident has been completely resolved to our customers satisfaction.  A link will be sent to our customers via Email with the appropriate amount to be paid, after the incident has been successfully fixed.  In case of no  credit card availability we offer alternative forms of payment for our corporate customers.  In case you need to pay using alternative methods, please contact us to make such prearrangements and we will be happy to resolve any technical issues you have.  If any computer problems remain unsolved our customers will not have to pay for any time rendered from our side in attempt to resolve the problem.

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